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  address={Ulm, Germany},
  abstract={Relays in wireless networks can be used to decrease transmit power while additionally increasing diversity. Distributed turbo coding as a special case of decode-and-forward is very powerful in relay networks when assuming error free decoding in the relay. In practical wireless networks, however, this assumption is only justiļ¬able if an ARQ protocol is applied which leads to lower throughput. Soft-reencoding and transmission of the reliability of reencoded bits helps the destination to decode the message. Reencoding in the relay with a recursive convolutional code as used for turbo-codes, can lead to error propagation. In this paper the effects of error propagation in relay networks are investigated and more suitable distributed coding schemes are presented for soft-reencoding. As the often used assumption of Gaussian distributed disturbance at the destination is not valid for the considered system setup, the calculation of Log-Likelihood-Ratios (LLR) for the received noisy reliability information is derived analytically.},
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