author = {P. Klenner and K.-D. Kammeyer},
  year = {2007},
  month = {May},
  title = {Doppler-Compensation for OFDM-Transmission by Sectorized Antenna Reception},
  address={Herrsching, Germany},
  abstract={Rapidly time-varying channels are a major obstacle for successful data-transmission via OFDM. The resulting loss of orthogonality among neighboring subcarriers leads to intercarrier-interference, which affects channel estimation. This in turn impedes the subsequent data detection. Literature contains numerous approaches to cope with this problem working either in time- or frequency-domain. Our concern in this paper is a novel time-domain method which relies on the use of multiple directional receive antennas. Each of these antennas experiences only a fraction of the total Doppler spread of a comparable omnidirectional antenna. This not only eases channel estimation but also allows for a diversity gain due to maximum-ratio-combining. We will demonstrate that our scheme copes well with large maximum Doppler frequencies.},
  booktitle={6th International Workshop on Multi-Carrier Spread Spectrum (MCSS 07)}