author = {P. Klenner and K.-D. Kammeyer},
  year = {2006},
  month = {Sep},
  title = {A Multiple-Symbol Turbo Detector for Coded M-DPSK over Time-Varying Rayleigh Flat Fading Channels},
  URL = {http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2006fall/},
  address={Montréal, Canada},
  abstract={In the past few years, a number of publications concentrated on developing soft-in-soft-out algorithms for coded noncoherent detection, thereby enabling iterative processing and avoiding the need of channel estimation. This paper focuses on iterative noncoherent detection of convolutionally coded M- DPSK signals for time-variant Rayleigh flat fading channels without the receiver having channel state information (CSI). Specifically we show that a noncoherent soft demodulator for minimum-shift keying, which was previously reported in the literature, lends itself quite naturally for soft demodulation of DPSK. We present an extension of this receiver in terms of persurvivor processing and examine the influence of different symbol labelings.

  booktitle={IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2006 (VTC2006-Fall)}