author = {D. W\"{u}bben and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  address={Reisensburg, Ulm, Germany},
  abstract={Spatial Multiplexing is a very popular approach to exploit the capacity advantage of multiple antenna systems and the combination with OFDM is a very promising approach to realize practical implementations also for wideband systems. In this paper we present a novel, computational efficient realization of successive interference cancellation for per-antenna-coded MIMO-OFDM systems with a large number of carriers. It utilizes a parallelized version of the SQRD algorithm only on a limited number of carriers in order to achieve the same detection order for all subcarriers. Afterwards, the QR decompositions for the remaining carriers are calculated by interpolation. Depending on the system configuration this leads to a significant complexity reduction in comparison to other schemes known from literature, but yielding comparable performance results.},
  booktitle={International ITG / IEEE Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 2006)}