author = {A. Scherb and V. K\"{u}hn and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  title = {Blind Identification and Equalization of LDPC-encoded MIMO Systems},
  URL = {http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2005spring/},
  address={Stockholm, Schweden},
  abstract={In this paper we propose a new algorithm which blindly identifies and equalizes a MIMO system, where all sources are independently protected against errors by an LDPC-Code. To this end the proposed method exploits statistical dependencies caused by the channel code. In contrast to most common blind source separation algorithms, the new method does not suffer from a permutation ambiguity. Furthermore, if the channel code is asymmetric, the suggested method delivers phase correct estimates of the channel and the corresponding equalizer. The performance of the presented method will be evaluated by numerical results.},
  booktitle={61st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference 2005 (VTC2005-Spring)}