author = {J. Rinas and K. Knoche and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  volume = {1},
  pages = {440–444},
  abstract={This paper introduces a new Channel Estimation(CE) filter called Polyphase Lowpass-Interpolation(PLI)-filter for downlink coherent Rake-combining in a DSCDMAmobile environment. In this case some UTRA FDDscenarios are taken for showing the feasibility of this approach.It uses known periodically time-multiplexed pilotsymbols for interpolating the channel coefficients in between.The idea of this approach is to find a compromisebetween noise reduction and adaptation to the time variantchannel coefficients using a Remez lowpass design. This ispaid by the use of at least six pilot sequences resulting in athree slot delay. Some simulation results of this PLI-filtercompared with other well known CE-filters are presented.},
  journal={European Wireless 2002}