author = {A. Dekorsy},
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  address={Atlanta, USA},
  abstract={In this paper, we investigate the application of M­ary orthogonal modulation for multicarrier spread spectrum (MC­SS) uplink transmission over a Rayleigh fading indoor channel. Different coherent detection strategies with perfectly known channel coefficients are analyzed. Furthermore, we present a decision­directed estimation receiver to apply channel phase es­timation. With decision­directed estimation no redundancy like training data is required to be transmitted. Simulation results show no performance loss for low E b =N 0 and only a moder­ate degradation for high E b =N 0 in comparison to ideal phase equalization. Moreover, the results are always contrasted with BPSK performance. Applying M­ary orthogonal modulation reveals to outperfom BPSK with respect to bit error rate and spectral efficiency, even if ideal equalization is considered for BPSK and decision­directed estimation for M­ary orthogonal modulation. The results are generally valid, whereas in this paper, they are based on the European HIPERLAN/2­standardization. },
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