author = {B. Jelonnek and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  title = {A Cumulant Zero-Matching Method for the Blind System Identification},
  pages = {103-106},
  address={Chamrousse, France},
  abstract={In the present paper a new approach to the blind system identification based on diagonal cumulants will be presented which is called "Cumulant-Zero-Matching". This method makes use of the fact that the channel zero locations can be derived from the conventional autocorrelation sequence of the received signal apart from a refection at the unit circle. The identification of the true zeros among each pair (minimum or non-minimum phase) can only be accomplished by means of higher order statistics: A two-sided z-transform of the 4-th order cumulant sequence is performed. The comparison with the z-transform of the auto-correlation sequence leads to a unique decision and thus to a proper mixed-phase system identification.},
  booktitle={IEEE Signal Processing Workshop on Higher-Order Statistics (SPW-HOS 91)}