author = {Y. Lang and D. W\"{u}bben and K.-D. Kammeyer},
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  title = {Joint Power and Time Allocation for Adaptive Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Networks},
  URL = {http://www.ieeevtc.org/vtc2009spring/},
  address={Barcelona, Spain},
  abstract={Distributed MIMO multi-hop relaying can provide cooperative diversity and overcome path losses, hence, boost the end-to-end (e2e) performance. By using low-complexity adaptive scheme, where one relay stops sending the message if it is in outage and other nodes adapt to a new space-time code, robust communication links can be further achieved. The contribution of this paper is the derivation of near-optimal closed-form power-minimizing resource-allocation solution for such adaptive scheme while satisfying a given e2e non-ergodic outage probability. Note that the power and time (or bandwidth) allocations are jointly optimized.
  booktitle={69th Vehicular Technology Conference 2009 (VTC2009-Spring)}