Admin - 09.09.2020
A student assistant wanted!

The „Gauß-Olbers Space Technology Transfer Center (GOC)“ is looking for a student assistants for administrative support in the external presentation

Starting date: as of now

Working hours: 10 hours per week

Duration of employment: medium-term (approx. 1 year), prolongation is possible

Interested? Then please send your application documents (cover letter, CV, expertise) in German or English language to Eva Preuss (

We are looking forward to welcome you in the team!

D. Wübben - 26.08.2020
New Initiative for “Joint Research for Beyond 5G”

The joint beyond 5G research initiative (JB5GRI) with global footprint focuses on the impact of promising technologies for the future mobile telecommunication system and targets early pre-standardization and coordination of future technology developments for beyond 5G networks and services.

The strategic roadmap of the initiative JB5GRI is to define a novel, participatory approach to networking and service provisioning, redefining the smart connectivity infrastructure as a dynamic composition of all resources of participating users. This is a radical paradigm shift from the conventional operator-centric view to an inclusive prosumer-centric view. Every system participant can potentially contribute with both resources and services to the overall system and consume resources and services of the beyond 5G system.

The initiative covers the full beyond 5G value chain including satellite communications, networking, cloud and cloud-edge computing, ML and AI, end-to-end cybersecurity, innovative devices, Industrial IoT, cell-less MIMO and Terahertz Communications and addresses vertical services for automotive and augmented reality for ultra-high data rates.

In JB5GRI, verification and validation will be done analytically and through several real-time demonstrators, including: AI connected car of the future; Network-wide resource sharing built on distributed AI with end-to-end cybersecurity; Tactile internet with smart glasses in AR/VR; and validation of beamforming in THz bands, in conjunction with 200Gbits E-Band testbed.

The JB5G research initiative has the potential to impact European Research and Innovation of future mobile telecommunication systems and has submitted with additional excellent consortium partners and a worldwide chaired External Advisory Board from international industry, regulators, academia and technology transfer association the project proposal KAIROS for the ICT-52-2020 Call: Smart Connectivity Beyond 5G.

The KAIROS project proposal, “Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence based smart networks for Reliable mobile cOmmunicationS” aims to serve as a lighthouse for the development of B5G systems. By doing so, KAIROS aims to position Europe in a leading role for worldwide harmonization of Beyond 5G/6G and as Commissioner Thierry Breton proposed: “without even waiting for the end of 5G roll-out, I want to start working on 6G”.

The KAIROS consortium involves excellent industrial and academia players from ICT sector, automotive sector, microelectronics sector, cybersecurity sector, Industry IoT sector, SMEs and start-ups for vertical services.

Joint B5G Research Initiative

Admin - 01.02.2020
Wir suchen wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter!

Zur Besetzung eines Forschungsteams in einem 5G-Forschungsprojekt zur mobilen Medizintechnik für die präklinische Notfallversorgung und Unfallmedizin unter Einsatz von 5G-Funktechnologien sucht der Arbeitsbereich Nachrichtentechnik (Leitung Prof. Dr.-Ing. Armin Dekorsy) der Universität Bremen mehrere wissenchaftliche Mitarbeiter mit sehr guten Studienabschlüssen im Fach Elektro-/Informationstechnik oder technischer Informatik von Hochschulen oder Universitäten. Wenn Sie Kenntnisse  im Bereich der Softwareimplementierung von Algorithmen und in der Nachrichtentechnik mit Schwerpunkt Basisbandsignalverarbeitung besitzen und Interesse haben an echtzeitfähiger Softwareimplementierung von 5G-Basisbandtechnologien für den Einsatz mit Software Defined Radios und dem Aufbau, der Inbetriebnahme und dem Test eines 5G-medizintechnischen Demonstrators, z.B. in einem Rettungswagen, dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre Initialbewerbung. 

Ausschreibung: A183-20

Admin - 31.01.2020
Looking for student researchers to set up Industry 4.0 demo

See german version for details.

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