A. Zellner - 09.10.2022
Thinknet 6G Summit 2022

The project "Open6GHub" develops a 6G vision for sovereign citizens in a hyper-connected world from 2030. The aim of the Open6GHub is to provide contributions to a global 6G harmonization process and standard in the European context. In its leading role on the topic „Unified 3D Networks, the Gauss-Olbers Space Technology Transfer Center (GOC) at the University of Bremen contributes to the Open6GHub research with its expertise in mobile- and satellite communications. Due to this leadership role, Professor Dekorsy was invited to the Thinknet 6G Summit 2022 to present the Open6GHub with a focus on "Unified 3D Networks".

Recording Slides

Admin - 13.01.2022
Multiple open positions in 6G, sattelite communications and Mars exploration

We are looking for PhD candidaes and at postdoctoral researchers!

Further Details

Admin - 03.12.2021
OHB PhD price for Ban-Sok Shin

At this years academic graduation ceremeny 2021 Dr.-Ing. Ban-Sok Shin won the OHB PhD price. We congratulate and whish all the best for his future!

Admin - 03.12.2021
DAAD Price for Kameel Khoury

We congratulate Kameel Khoury for his awared of the DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students.

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