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The Department of Communications Engineering (ANT) of the Institute of Telecommunications and High-Frequency Technique (ITH) at the University of Bremen has many years of research experience in communications theory as well as in designing and analyzing transmitter and receiver technologies in the field of mobile radio and satellite communications. Recently, an increasing research focus is on wireless network communications, e.g. for wireless sensor networks and satellite constellations. Working areas are theoretical studies as well as simulative verification of designed concepts. In addition, the research work is complemented by topics in the field of digital signal processing and information theory.

Current research topics are:

The following picture illustratres the research focus with respect to the targeted application scenarios and distinctive competencies of the department of communications engineering:


The department is participating in the concerted activity "Adaptive Communications" of the Technology Center of Computer Science and Information Technology (TZI) that is a collaboration of institutes of the University of Bremen focusing on the design of future transmission technologies.

The department offers a variety of different lectures and laboratory experiments in the field of communications including basic in digital communications and wireless communication technologies e.g. multi-carrier, CDMA and MIMO concepts. Lectures are also offered in digital signal processing, audio and speech signal processing, channel coding and selected topics in mobile radio communications. By supporting Project and Master Theses the department offers students the opportunity to work on up-to-date research topics.

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