Student Theses of Ban-Sok Shin

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Normal Moveout of Seismic Signals for Distributed Velocity Estimation in Subsurfaces Ban-Sok Shin
Shengdi Wang
- finished Zhengyu Chen
Distributed Estimation of Geographic Altitude Maps with Multiple Gaussian Kernels Ban-Sok Shin - finished Dominik Wittwer
Kernel RLS Algorithm and Its Application to Nonlinear System Identification Ban-Sok Shin - finished Ali Raza
Investigation on Multikernel Adaptive Filtering Ban-Sok Shin - finished Syed Muddasar Raza
Distributed Estimation of Non-Linear Scalar Fields with the KDiCE Algorithm Henning Paul
Ban-Sok Shin
- finished Matthias Hummert
Investigation on Basic Methods for Digital Image Restoration Ban-Sok Shin - finished Olga Ballester
Independent Component Analysis for Blind Source Separation of Audio Signals Ban-Sok Shin - finished Vicente Boluda Burguete
Investigation on Dictionary Learning for Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm Ban-Sok Shin - finished Waqas Ali Khan
Distributed Stopping Criteria for Consensus-Based Estimation in Wireless Networks Ban-Sok Shin - finished Karthik Vinod
Acoustic Echo Cancellation Ban-Sok Shin - finished Maik Röper
Adaptive In-Network Processing via Diffusion LMS Ban-Sok Shin - finished Jiarui Wu
Convergence Analysis of the Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm Ban-Sok Shin - finished Farzan Zaheer
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