Student Theses of Niklas Bulk

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Reverse Engineering with GNURadio Niklas Bulk - available -
Reverse Engineering Garage door handheld transmitter with GNURadio Niklas Bulk 09/2022 in progress Zhida Chen
Reverse Engineering a Weatherstation with GNURadio Niklas Bulk 06/2022 in progress Lars Wieker
Exact BER calculation of an H-QAM system based on euclidean distances Niklas Bulk - finished Alec Prinz
Reverse Engineering Vehicle Key Fob mit GNURadio Niklas Bulk - finished David Kuschel
Influence of different distribution functions in a H-QAM system Niklas Bulk - finished Lars Wieker
AIT ieee GOC tzi ith Fachbereich 1
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