Student Theses of Henning Paul

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Distributed Kalman Filtering for Large-Scale Dynamic Systems with Sparsely Coupled States Henning Paul
Shengdi Wang
- finished Lukas Zumvorde
Distributed Consensus-based Kalman Filtering Henning Paul - finished Philipp Rosenthal
Distributed Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation Henning Paul - finished Kim Kramer
Entwicklung eines drahtlosen Sensorboards Henning Paul - finished Michael Krumbeck
Sparse Reconstruction Techniques for the Estimation of Diffusive Fields Henning Paul - finished Daniel Hotes
Distributed Estimation of Non-Linear Scalar Fields with the KDiCE Algorithm Henning Paul
Ban-Sok Shin
- finished Matthias Hummert
Scheduling Algorithms for Mobile Communication Systems Henning Paul - finished Florian Lotze
Low Latency Implementation of the LTE Turbo Decoder Dirk Wübben
Henning Paul
- finished Ayham Zeda
Analysis of a Distributed Least Mean Square Algorithm Henning Paul - finished Zhao Xue
Distributed Consensus-based Estimation Algorithms in Networks with Capacity Constraints Henning Paul - finished Sascha Lüde
Optische Datenübertragung mittels Matlab Henning Paul - finished Zafer Toprak und Michael Krasnitskij
Error tolerant distributed estimation algorithms for wireless networks Henning Paul - finished Ban-Sok Shin
In-Network-Processing für die verteilte Kanaldecodierung Henning Paul - finished Kris Niederkleine
Basics of Physical Layer In-Network-Processing Henning Paul - finished Shweta Bindu Manjunath
Distributed Consensus-Based Demodulation Henning Paul - finished Maxim Strauch
Comparison of Distributed Estimation Algorithms Henning Paul - finished Xiao Dizhe
Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalizer for Optical Transmission Henning Paul - finished Yuan Yun
The Sigma Delta Modulator demystified Henning Paul - finished Aymen Fakhfakh
Simulation of a simple optical transmission system in Matlab Henning Paul - finished Nadine Nga Bomba
Entwicklung eines Mechanismus zur Messung der AGC-Steuerspannung für den Hardware-Demonstrator MASI Henning Paul - finished Marek Niemiec
OFDM in Optical Long-Haul Communications - Synchronization Henning Paul - finished Daniils Dikanskis
Development of a software based GSM receiver Henning Paul - finished Carlos Osorio
Single carrier transmission for optical free space communication Henning Paul - finished Zafer Toprak
Setup and test of a wireless sensor network Henning Paul - finished Dominik Wittwer
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