Finished studentische Arbeiten 2007

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Information theoretical investigation of MIMO-Systems assuming real side effects Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 12/2007 Mario Goldenbaum Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
MIMO-Precoding with imperfect Channel State Information Master's thesis (MSc) 12/2007 Yuntao Fu Carsten Bockelmann
Analysis of the iterative detection of Turbo-BLAST systems with EXIT Charts Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 10/2007 Tim Schnakenberg Dirk Wübben
Resource Allocation for Distributed MIMO in Wireless Networks Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 08/2007 Yidong Lang Dirk Wübben
Carsten Bockelmann
Analysis and Synthesis of the Chiff of Organ Pipes Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 07/2007 Raphael Knoop Stefan Goetze
Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 04/2007 Jun Lin Carsten Bockelmann
Combined Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction based on the Human Auditory System Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 04/2007 Shan Zhao Stefan Goetze
Noise reduction algorithms in C++ Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 01/2007 Matthias Brandt, Timo Meyer Stefan Goetze
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