Linear Pre-Equalization with Non-ideal Channel Reciprocity

Tutor: Mark Petermann
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 06/2009
Student: Nisha Rose Varghese
Status: finished
ANT-shelfmark: M-06/09-1

Multiple antenna systems (MIMO) attracted attention over the past years due to their potential in increasing the spectral efficiency without increasing the bandwidth. In TDD systems linear downlink MIMO pre-equalization can be applied by relying on channel estimates from the corresponding uplink. If the assumed channel reciprocity does no longer hold, the obtained channel estimate is erroneous and the performance decreases dramatically. Therefore, calibration of the overall system or robust equalization methods have to be utilized. In this thesis, the latter is investigated.

This thesis starts with a literature research, especially concerning multiple antenna systems, equalization methods and channel reciprocity characteristics. Afterwards, an existing MATLAB program has to be modified according to the non-ideal channel reciprocity model. A performance comparison between ideal, non-ideal as well as different erroneous and robust equalization methods has to be evaluated.

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