Power Allocation for Adaptive Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Systems

Tutor: Yidong Lang
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 11/2010
Student: Fabian Monsees
Status: finished
Abstract: In this project thesis, the power allocation problem for adaptive distributed MIMO multi-hop systems will be investigated. The thesis starts with a literature research with regard to the adaptive distributed MIMO multi-hop systems and the corresponding optimization problem of power allocation. Subsequently, the mathematical description of end-to-end outage probability, should be derived for the system. Then, an optimization problem of power allocation, which aims to reduce the total power consumption of the system while meeting the required end-to-end outage probability constraint, should be formulated and implemented in MATLAB. To this end, some basic knowledge about Information theory, MIMO techniques and MATLAB is advantageous.
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