Finished studentische Arbeiten 2015

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Study of Robustness of GFDM vs. OQAM-OFDM in TWRC Master's thesis (MSc) 11/2015 Zhang Ming Matthias Woltering
Development of a software based GSM receiver Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 10/2015 Carlos Osorio Henning Paul
Single carrier transmission for optical free space communication Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 10/2015 Zafer Toprak Henning Paul
Investigation on Dictionary Learning for Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm Project (MSc) 09/2015 Waqas Ali Khan Ban-Sok Shin
Setup and test of a wireless sensor network Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 09/2015 Dominik Wittwer Henning Paul
Investigation on Basic Methods for Digital Image Restoration Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 07/2015 Olga Ballester Ban-Sok Shin
Distributed Stopping Criteria for Consensus-Based Estimation in Wireless Networks Project (MSc) 07/2015 Karthik Vinod Ban-Sok Shin
Independent Component Analysis for Blind Source Separation of Audio Signals Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 07/2015 Vicente Boluda Burguete Ban-Sok Shin
Analysis of convergence behavior of ADMM in distributed consensus optimization Project (MSc) 04/2015 Shengdi Wang Guang Xu
Subgradient method with average consensus for distributed estimation Project (MSc) 04/2015 Tianxiang Nan Guang Xu
Adaptive In-Network Processing via Diffusion LMS Project (MSc) 04/2015 Jiarui Wu Ban-Sok Shin
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