Analysis of Belief Propagation algorithms within multi-carrier systems

Tutor: Matthias Woltering
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 10/2016
Student: Yueheng Li
Status: finished

The goal is the analysis of belief propagation algorithms within multi-carrier systems
Iterative processing is important in detection techniques at the receiver [1, 2]. A receiver can be described by a corresponding factor graph and the detection processing can be done by calculating messages on each edge of the factor graph. A multi-carrier scheme exploiting general waveforms introduces more edges within a factor graph than an orthogonal design. This work deals with the design of a detector at the receiver exploiting the knowledge of different waveforms.

The work can be separated into
• Literature research regarding Multi-Carrier systems, maybe starting with [3] or [4] and references therein.
• Analysis and basic insights of Belief Propagation [1, 2].
• A proper system model and factor graph has to be designed regarding multi-carrier system with general waveforms [5, 6].
• An analysis of the belief propagation detection scheme based on general waveforms should be compared to with OFDM.

Relevant Knowledge
• Communication Technologies
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[2] Loeliger, Hans Andrea ”An introduction to factor graphs” IEEE Signal Processing Magazine
[3] S. Schedler and M. Woltering and V. Kühn and D. Wübben and A. Dekorsy ”Investigation on Gaussian Waveforms to Improve Robustness in Physical Layer Network Coding”, 18th International OFDM Workshop 2014 (InOWo’14)
[4] A. Sahin, I. Güvenc and H.Arslan ”A Survey on Multi-carrier Communications: Prototype Filters, Lattice Structures, and Implementation Aspects”
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[6] Lu, Ben and Yue, Guosen and Wang, Xiaodong and Madihian, Mohammad ”Factor-Graph-Based Soft Self-Iterative Equalizer for Multipath Channels” EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

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