Analysis of Waveforms within Multi-carrier Compressed Sensing based Multi User Detection

Tutor: Matthias Woltering
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 07/2017
Student: Shuvo Sarkar
Status: finished

The goal of this work is the analysis of Multi-carrier Compressed Sensing based Multi User Detection (MCSM) with rectangular waveforms. Furthermore, the extension on more general waveforms, like the Gaussian waveform, or root-raised cosine waveforms will be analyzed.

Massive Machine Type Communication is seen as one major driver for the research of new physical layer technologies for future communication systems. To handle massive access, the main challenges are avoiding control signaling overhead, low complexity  data processing per sensor, supporting of diverse but rather low data rates and a flexible and scalable access. To address all these challenges, a combination of compressed sensing based detection known as Compressed Sensing based Multi User Detection (CS-MUD) with multi-carrier access schemes is used, called Multi-carrier CS-MUD (MCSM) [1].

The work can be separated into
• Literature research regarding Multi-Carrier systems, maybe starting with [2] or [3] and references therein.
• Analysis and basic insights of MCSM with Orthogonal Frequencay Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Here, the special effects of different channel impacts are important.
• A proper system model has to be designed regarding MCSM and general waveforms.
• An analysis of MCSM based on general waveforms should be compared to MSCSM with OFDM.

Relevant Knowledge
• Communication Technologies

[1] F. Monsees, M. Woltering, C. Bockelmann, A. Dekorsy ”Physical Layer Network Coding with Gaussian Waveforms using Soft Interference Cancellation”, IEEE 81th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2015-Spring), Vol. 81, Glasgow, UK
[2] S. Schedler and M. Woltering and V. Kühn and D. Wübben and A. Dekorsy ”Investigation on Gaussian Waveforms to Improve Robustness in Physical Layer Network Coding”, 18th International OFDM Workshop 2014 (InOWo’14)
[3] A. Sahin, I. Güvenc and H.Arslan ”A Survey on Multi-carrier Communications: Prototype Filters, Lattice Structures, and Implementation Aspects”

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