Finite Rate of Innovation (FRI) - Reconstruction of Splines

Tutor: Tobias Schnier
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 02/2017
Student: Zhang Dacheng
Status: finished

In this thesis, the topic Finite Rate of Innovation is analyzed.

Main Questions:

-Are the requirements of FRI fulfilled for splines?

-How can splines be reconstructed with the FRI approach?


The lossless compression of Neuro signals is an open research topic. As Neuro signals fulfill the FRI requirements and splines are a good approximation with lower FRI, splines are a good candidate for this task.

Work to Do

-Literature research of given papers on FRI

-Evaluation of the requirements towards splines

-Implementation of spline reconstruction algorithms

Expertise needed

Intermediate math and MATLAB-skills

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