Blind Source Seperation - Anechoic Mixtures

Tutor: Tobias Schnier
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 12/2017
Student: Matthias Hummert
Status: finished

In this thesis, the topic Blind Source Seperation (BSS) is analyzed with special interest into anechoic mixtures.

Main Questions:

-Is it possible to demix anechoic mixtures with common BSS approaches?

-Which influence on the demixing does the transport medium have? 

-Is it possible to retrieve the locations of the soures? (master only)


There are several applications, that get mixtures of signals and try to demix the original signals via a sensor array. Typically the mixture is assumed to be instantanious which leads to an easy to solve linear problem.

Here the anechoic (pure delay) mixture is analyzed, in which the signals have an additional unknown delay. This model is a lot more realistic as the transport medium always has an intrinsic influence on the present delays.

Work to Do

-Literature research of given papers on BSS

-Evaluation of state of the art algorithms

-Implementation of given algorithms 

Expertise needed

Intermediate math and MATLAB-skills

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