An investigation of FBMC for MIMO systems

Tutor: Johannes Demel
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 01/2018
Student: Li Yueheng
Status: finished
This thesis topic aims at investigating the properties of FBMC waveforms for MIMO systems.
Main goals
- implement a FBMC system
- extend the implemented system for use in a MIMO context
Future radio communication systems for 5G and Industry4.0 aim to overcome OFDM shortcomings like high Out-of-Band radiation and high sensitivity to timing and frequency offsets. Moreover ultra high reliability and ultra low latency requirements pose additional challenges on waveform design. UFMC, like FBMC and GFDM, as a candidate waveform  targets those goals.
Project Goals
- Literarature research starting with given papers and diving into the topic.
- implement investigated algorithms in a scripting language.
- evaluate how FBMC fulfills the given requirements.
- investigate if and how FBMC-MIMO is possible
Prior knowledge
- attended lecture(s) in the field of Communication Engineering or related topics.
- interest in learning how to implement theoretical work in software.
- interest in learning and understanding complicated math topics.
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