Concept development for a centralized safety control system for industrial machines

Tutor: Johannes Demel
Type of Thesis: Bachelor thesis (BSc.)
date of end: 03/2021
Student: Tim Düe
Status: finished

A safety control system is a technical system that ingests signals from safety sensors, such as emergency stops, and uses those to control actors by putting them in safe positions and stopping them. Currently standardized industrial systems implement those in a distributed, or decentralized, manner to maximize reliability by making them independent.
Especially in big factories, the interfaces between safety controls can become very complex. This creates negative side effects like expensive maintenance and a poor general overview.

This work focuses on the development of a concept for a centralized safety control. Rather than using a decentralized safety control for each machine, this system connects to all the machines at once.
First, the requirements for such a system are identified. This is followed by an analysis of the currently available hardware and software to see whether those fulfill the requirements. Finally, a practical concept for the system is outlined. This covers a choice of hardware and software, installation in factories, and the logic of programming the system.

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