Hardware simulation environment for quadrature modulation applications

The main object of  our hardware simulation environment is to model "real life" behavior. In order to provide a flexible and easy to use testbed for quadrature modulation schemes, we realized an interface to Matlab. Inside the Matlab desktop the generated in-phase- (I) and quadrature (Q) data sequences can be downloaded to an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG). The AWG simulates very complex waveform conditions, respectively long custom records by periodically addressing an internal waveform memory and performing an analog to digital conversion. Our self-built transceiver unit, which uses the 2,4GHz ISM band, is excited by the AWG output signals. On the reception side the transceiver unit converts the RF signal down to a baseband quadrature signal. A dsp-platform with integrated A/D-conversion enables us to process the incoming samples with various customized algorithms in real-time.

Currently all baseband processing is done offline in the matlab simulation environment and data aquisition is performed by a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO).

                          MASI - Single Antenna System


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