A Closed Power Allocation Solution for Outage Restricted Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Networks

Authors: Y. Lang, D. W├╝bben, C. Bockelmann, K.-D. Kammeyer
Abstract: Power consumption and Quality-of-Service are the critical factors when developing resource allocation strategies for wireless networks. In order to minimize total transmission power while meeting the end-to-end outage probability requirement in a distributed MIMO multi-hop network, we will formulate the power allocation task as a convex optimization problem. By using some approximations to the optimization problem, we derive a novel near-optimal power allocation solution with lower complexity for distributed MIMO multi-hop networks. For the network with a large number of relaying nodes per virtual antenna array even a simple closed-form solution can be obtained. The simulation results show that our solution achieves a near-optimal performance.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Berlin, Germany, 4. April 2008
Conference: Workshop on Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks (RAWNET 08)
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