Implementation of a cognitive radio via hardware platform

Tutor: Fabian Monsees, Matthias Woltering
Type of Thesis: Bachelor thesis (BSc.)
date of end: -
Student: Matthias Hummert
Status: finished

Cognitive radio is a transmission scheme where a secondary transceiver (secondary user (SU)) scans the available spectrum. If free resources are available the SU is allowed to transmit data, i.e. no primary user is transmitting.

In this work, algorithm should be analyzed as well be implemented on a software defined radio (SDR).

For that the work is divided in the following parts:

  1. Algorithms: the necessary algorithms should be analyzed, e.g., spectrum estimation, OFDM
  2. Hardware: Working with USRP bzw LYRTECH Demonstrator
  3. Measurements: Simulation and real Measurements

This work can be done in a working group some students.

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