Distributed consensus-based state estimation in sensor networks with limited sensing range

Tutor: Shengdi Wang
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 11/2018
Student: Ziyun Yang
Status: finished

A sensor network can be used to measure and estimate the state of a dynamic target. Without central node in the network, distributed estimation scheme will be performed by each sensor to maintain a relative accurate estimate of the target's state via information exchange with its neighbors. However, a sensor node might have limited observability of the state, i.e., limited sensing range (LSR), when the sensor does not able to have measurements of the target. In this project, the student will focus on this kind of sensor network with LSR and try to find a suitable distributed consensus-based state estimation method.

Do some literature research and use MATLAB to implement the scenario and the related distributed consensus-based estimation algorithms. Investigation on the theoretical analysis of different algorithms is also needed.

MATLAB programming skills and some background knowledge on linear estimation will be helpful.

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