Group Sparse Beamforming for Small Cell Networks

Tutor: Maik Röper
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 05/2019
Student: Fayad Haddad
Status: finished

In this work, a method for energy efficient beamforming in small cell (SC) networks should be investigated. In future mobile communication systems, ultra dense networks of SCs  play an important role to decrease the overall power consumption by reducing the distant between the base stations (i.e. the SCs) and users. Due to the large number of SCs, in most scenarios it is not necessary to keep all of them active. By keeping only a subset of all SCs active while the others are in sleep mode, i.e. the set of active SCs is sparse, the power consumption can be further increased.


Matlab programming skills and knowledge in optimization theory, linear algebra and statistics.

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