Research and Development with OpenAirInterface 5G

Tutor: Johannes Demel, Fayad Haddad
Type of Thesis: Bachelor thesis (BSc.)
date of end: 06/2021
Student: Ye Tian
Status: finished


5G poses new challenges in terms of implementing algorithms on General Purpose Hardware. Having fast and flexible software implementation of the next generation mobile communication standard enables us to investigate myriads of challenges. It is easier than ever to integrate research results, e.g. Information Bottleneck Methods or Machine Learning, to boost communication performance. With OAI5G we may see some of these new technologies in practice and we will be able to evaluate there performance in the real world.


This is an umbrella project for OAI5G projects. Generally, we discuss the target of a specific thesis or project in order to evaluate the latest research results in practice.


This work combines tasks in communications engineering as well as software engineering. Therefore, you are expected to be interested in these areas and motivated to learn. OAI5G is implemented in C++ and thus, it is helpful to learn and extend your skills in this programming language.

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