Space-Time Codes for Satellite Communication

Tutor: Maik Röper
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 08/2022
Student: Meng Chen
Status: finished


Consider the downlink from several satellites in the low-Earth orbit (LEO) towards a single ground station (GS). Due to the fast relatvie movement of the satellites and the long propagtion delay towards the GS, it is almost impossible to have full CSI at each satellite, making precoding/beamforming very challenging, especially if more than one satellite are transmitting simultaneously.

Space-time codes provide an efficient precoding tool if no CSIT is available. However, most of these codes are optimizied for Rayleigh channels which are not given in satellite communication.


In [1] a general framework for high-rate space-time codes is provided. In this thesis, its effectiveness in multiple-satellite to Earth communication should be evaluated.


 This topic requieres good knowledge in information theory and linear algebra. Knowledge in number theory and optimization would be helpfull as well. For programming, you are free to choose Matlab or Python.


[1] Hesham El Gamal, Mohamed Oussama Damen, "Universal Space-Time Coding", 2003

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