Neural Network based Decoding

Tutor: Matthias Hummert
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of end: 11/2022
Student: Gerrit Schoo
Status: finished


The decoding of short block length codes is a challenging task and the question naturally arises whether a purely data driven decoder based on neural networks (NN) might be an alternative. There already has been some research ongoing in this direction and first results show that these NN-based decoder can yield good performance for short codes but fail if the number of possible codewords grow too large. This shall be further investigated in this project thesis.


The aim of this thesis is to implement an NN-based decoder for very short block length and further investigate the mentioned results. Therefore investigations about machine learning libraries and literature research needs to be done.


In order to process this thesis, knowledge of Channel Coding 1 and 2, Wireless Communication Technologies and programming skills in Python are essential.

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