3D Wireless Network Channel and Interference Estimation by ML

Tutor: MohammadAmin Vakilifard
Type of Thesis: Project (MSc)
date of issue: 10/2023
Student: Louis Lagona
Status: in progress

The topic's motivation

In the 6G era and beyond, 3D Wireless Networks promise to be the future of communication networks. This will be a combination of terrestrial and non-terrestrial elements that are highly dynamic, including satellites in LEO and air objects such as UAVs, drones, and HAPS. It is therefore of high importance to estimate the channel for each communication link in such a case. 


The topic offered aims to:

  • Communication Channel simulation in such an environemnts based on desire of the student such as:
    • Satellite-to-Air channel
    • Satellite-to-Earth channel
    • Air-to-Air channel
    • Air-to-ground channel
  • Taking advantage of predefined channel simulation tools like Quadriga for Matlab and Sionna for Python for one of the above links.
  • Channel estimnation by using Machine Learning algorithms. investigation of different ML approaches. 


In order to process the toppic, knowledge of the lectures of Wireless Communications Technologies and Advanced digital Signal Processing is needed, also programming skills in Python or Matlab are essential.

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