Ampifly-and-Forwad and Decode-and-Forward Relaying Protocols

Tutor: Dirk W├╝bben
Type of Thesis: Projektarbeit (Dipl.)
date of end: 11/2009
Student: Christoph Schmidt
Status: finished

Recently relaying schemes, where beside a source and a sink also additional terminals are incorporated into the communication, have gained considerable interest in order to guaranty robust and reliable communication also in the border area of the cells. The easiest realying schemes are Amplify-and-Forward (AF) ad Decode-and-Forward (DF). For AF the relay sends an amplified copy of its receive signal and consequently serves as a repeater. In contrast, for DF the relay performs a complete decoding of the receive signal and transmits the re-encoded message. If no decoding error occurred, the relay servesa as a second source transmitting the same message.

In this thesis, the fundamentals of AF and DF protocol have to be investigated and have to be implemented in Matlab. The performance should be analyzed with respect to simulation results. In order to process this thesis, the lecture Channel Coding and a basic knowledge in Matlab is essential.

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