Vertiefungsprojekte (BSc.)

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Discrete Message Passing Algorithms for Receiver Design Tobias Monsees - available -
Put theory into practice with GNU Radio Johannes Demel
Fayad Haddad
- available -
Image Denosing with Neural Networks and Deep Learning Matthias Hummert 01/2020 in progress Lion Müller
SNR estimator implementation in GNU Radio Johannes Demel 11/2019 in progress Nicolas Buhr
Wireless Control of Inverted Pendulum Christopher Willuweit 11/2018 in progress Patric Müller, Jannik Steenken
Design and construction of a platform for temperature-field measurements Christopher Willuweit 11/2017 in progress Daniel Helms, Alec Prinz
AIT ieee tzi ith Fachbereich 1
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