Student Theses of Shengdi Wang

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Federated Learning - Principle, Algorithms and Analyses Shengdi Wang 08/2020 in progress Sebastian Stade
Unscented Kalman Filter Shengdi Wang - finished Steffen Gracla
Orbit Simulation for Satellite Formation Flights in LEO Shengdi Wang
Maik Röper
- finished Zhengyu Chen
Kernel Kalman Filtering for Time-Varying Nonlinear Regression Shengdi Wang - finished Ashif Raihan
Distributed Noise Adaptive Kalman Filtering Based on Variational Inference Shengdi Wang - finished Ziyun Yang
Distributed Kalman Filtering for Large-Scale Dynamic Systems with Sparsely Coupled States Henning Paul
Shengdi Wang
- finished Lukas Zumvorde
Distributed consensus-based state estimation in sensor networks with limited sensing range Shengdi Wang - finished Ziyun Yang
Investigation on distributed Kalman filtering using diffusion strategies Shengdi Wang - finished Lingrui Zhu
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