Selected Topics in Communications and Signal Processing

Lecturer: A. Dekorsy, D. W├╝bben
Seminar: Tuesday 14:15 - 16:00 in Room NW1 S1270
VAK: 01-15-03-PDPC-S
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Please notice, that the seminar starts at 14:15 (c.t.)

BA: Bachelor Arbeit, PA: Projektarbeit, SA: Studienarbeit, DA: Diplomarbeit; PT: Project Thesis, MT: Master Thesis


Tu, 15.10.2019Ojo Akinlolu Oluwabusayo: Key Word Detection Using Deep Neural Networks (PT)
Presentation of new topics
Tu, 22.10.2019no seminar
Tu, 29.10.2019Fayad Haddad: Robust Group Sparse Beamforming (MT)
Tu, 05.11.2019Ziyun Yang: Distributed Noise Adaptive Kalman Filtering Based on Variational Inference (MT)
Ashif Raihan: Kernel Kalman Filtering for Time-Varying Nonlinear Regression (MT)
Tu, 12.11.2019Uddhav Sharma: Vowel Space Analysis of Dysathric Speech (MT)
Tu, 19.11.2019no seminar
Tu, 26.11.2019 
Tu, 03.12.2019 
Tu, 10.12.2019Steffen Gracla: Unscented Kalman Filter (iPT)
Tu, 17.12.2019Weiyan Zhang: Distributed Channel Tracking and Beamforming using Kalman Filter (MT)
Ekpo Ukeme Patrick: Text Similarity Measure Using Consine Rule (PT)
Tu, 07.01.2020no seminar
Tu, 14.01.2020no seminar
Tu, 21.01.2020Zhengyu Chen: Orbit Simulation for Satellite Formation Flights in LEO (iPT)
Hassan Ahmad: Study on Doppler Shift for LEO Satellites (iPT)
Tu, 28.01.2020 
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