Selected Topics in Communications and Signal Processing

Lecturer: A. Dekorsy, D. Wübben, S. Hassanpour
Seminar: Tuesday 14:15 - 16:00 in Room NW1 N2420
VAK: 01-15-03-PDPC-S
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Please notice, that the seminar starts at 14:15 (c.t.)

BA: Bachelor Arbeit, PA: Projektarbeit, SA: Studienarbeit, DA: Diplomarbeit; PT: Project Thesis, MT: Master Thesis

The ANT seminar will be held mainly as an in-presence and partly as a hybrid event in WS 2023/2024. The meetings will take place in room N2420. For hybrid sessions with prior notice, they will also be shared at the following link: Access for the Meeting


Tu, 24.10.2023no seminar
Fr, 10.11.2023Konstantin Geißinger: Machine Learning based Optimization of Over the Air Transmissions (MT)
Gerrit Schoo: Semantic Communication System Design via Information Bottleneck Method (MT)
Tu, 14.11.2023no seminar
Tu, 21.11.2023no seminar
Tu, 28.11.2023Louis Lagona: Channel and Interference Estimation by Deep Learning LSTM based in an OFDM System (iPT)
Nicolas Buhr: Information Bottleneck based Decoding of LDPC Codes implemented in Python (PT)
Tu, 05.12.2023no seminar
Tu, 12.12.2023Cedric Sündermann: Satellite Precoding through Reinforcement Learning (iPT)
Tu, 19.12.2023Niclas Günter Jürgen Führling: Multi-rigid Body Localization (iPT)
Tu, 09.01.2024no seminar
Tu, 16.01.2024no seminar
Tu, 23.01.2024Sadiq Idris: Analysis of the Predicted Uncertainty and Information Seeking Active Sensing for Linear Models (MT)
Tu, 30.01.2024Martin Anschütz: Comparison of Frameworks and Models for Simulating Satellite Communication (PT)
Julian Sündermann: Machine Learning-Based Decoding Using Transformer Networks (iPT)
Tu, 06.02.2024S. Sapkota: Probabilistic Interference Prediction Using Machine Learning for in-X Subnetworks (iMT)
Muhammad Umair: Deep Learning Based Channel Estimation (iPT)
S. B. Okoli: Handover Performance Evaluation of 5G Networks for Autonomous Driving (iMT)
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