Channel Coding

Lecturer: D. Wübben
Tutor: M. Hummert
Lecture: Monday 8:30 - 10:00 in Room NW1 S1260
Exercise: Wednesday 15:00 - 17:00 in Room NW1 N2420
VAK: 01-15-03-CCod(a)-V

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To the lecture Advanced Channel Coding which takes place in the winter semester.


Mo, 13.04.202008:30S1360Easter Monday: HolidayEaster Monday: Holiday 
Mo, 20.04.202008:30S1360LectureIntroduction: Discrete Channel, Decoder Criterion, Code ExamplesD. Wübben
We, 22.04.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Discrete ChannelM. Hummert
Mo, 27.04.202008:30S1360LectureInformation Theory: EntropyD. Wübben
Mo, 04.05.202008:30S1360LectureInformation Theory: Mutual Information, Channel Capacity
D. Wübben
We, 06.05.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Channel CapacityM. Hummert
Mo, 11.05.202008:30N2420ExerciseExercise: Channel CapacityM. Hummert
Mo, 18.05.202008:30S1360LectureLinear Block Codes: Basics, Mod/Vector, Distance Properties, Decoding Principles
D. Wübben
We, 20.05.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Linear Block Codes: Error Correction, Sphere PackingM. Hummert
Mo, 25.05.202008:30S1360LectureLinear Block Codes: Error Rates, Matrix Description
D. Wübben
Mo, 01.06.202008:30S1360Whit Monday: HolidayWhit Monday: Holiday 
Mo, 03.06.201915:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Linear Block CodesM. Hummert
Mo, 08.06.202008:30N2420ExerciseExercise: Linear Block Codes
M. Hummert
Mo, 15.06.202008:30S1360LectureConvolutional CodesD. Wübben
We, 17.06.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorialM. Hummert
Mo, 22.06.202008:30S1260LectureConvolutional CodesD. Wübben
Mo, 29.06.202008:30N2420ExerciseExercise: Convolutional CodesM. Hummert
We, 01.07.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Convolutional CodesM. Hummert
Mo, 06.07.202008:30S1260LectureTurbo CodesD. Wübben
Mo, 13.07.202008:30S1260LectureTurbo CodesD. Wübben
We, 15.07.202015:00N2420TutorialTutorial: Turbo CodesM. Hummert


1. Introduction 
2. Survey of Information Theory 
3. Linear Block Codes 
4. Convolutional Codes  
5. Turbo Codes 
Complete Script (Chapter 1-4)
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