Finished studentische Arbeiten 2008

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
New Semiautomatioc Denoising Algorithms for Historic Music Recordings Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 12/2008 Matthias Brandt Stefan Goetze
A Combined System for Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Listening-Room Compensation using the Proportionate LMS Algorithm Project (MSc) 11/2008 Xiong Fiefei Stefan Goetze
Basics and Optimization of LDPC codes Project (MSc) 11/2008 Wu Meng Carsten Bockelmann
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Multichannel Hearing Aids Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 11/2008 Timo Meyer Stefan Goetze
OFDM in Optical Long-Haul Communications - Synchronization Master's thesis (MSc) 10/2008 Daniils Dikanskis Henning Paul
Mutual information based approximation of coded BER/ FER Project (MSc) 10/2008 Yuan Zhang Carsten Bockelmann
Equalization in Wireless Cooperative Relay Networks Master's thesis (MSc) 09/2008 Liangliang Zhao Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
Entwicklung eines Mechanismus zur Messung der AGC-Steuerspannung für den Hardware-Demonstrator MASI Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 09/2008 Marek Niemiec Henning Paul
Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 07/2008 Matthias Brandt Stefan Goetze
Direction of Arrival Estimation based on the Dual Delay Line Approach Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 07/2008 Wang Ying Stefan Goetze
Schemes for Hybrid-ARQ in MIMO-Systems Master's thesis (MSc) 06/2008 Rodrigo Rico Calderon Mark Petermann
Optimizing the Combination of Concatenated Codes and Multi-User Detection Master's thesis (MSc) 06/2008 Duan Yubo Petra Weitkemper
Resource Allocation for BER Restricted Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Networks Project (MSc) 06/2008 Bin Zhou Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
Space-Time Decoding With Imperfect Channel Estimation Project (MSc) 05/2008 Daniils Dikanskis Mark Petermann
Concept and Implementation of a Comprehensive AAC Decoder Testing Procedure Master's thesis (MSc) 02/2008 Jegaddeesan Nagappan Stefan Goetze
User selection algorithms for Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) Project (MSc) 01/2008 Rodrigo Rico Calderon Mark Petermann
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