Transmitter Pre-Correction of Tx and Rx I/Q Imbalance

Tutor: Mark Petermann
Type of Thesis: Diplomarbeit (Dipl.)
date of end: 10/2009
Student: Marek Niemiec
Status: finished
ANT-shelfmark: D-10/09-1

In modern communications systems MIMO-OFDM is the common and preferred air interface. Coming up with multiple antennas, the demand for high quality hardware devices further increases as imperfections like I/Q imbalances, meaning the non-ideal 90 degree phase shift between the I and the Q components, dramatically decrease the performance of these systems. Therefore, compensation algorithms exist to combat the imperfections. They can be applied either at the transmitter or the receiver side. In this thesis, algorithms, which can be applied at the transmitter, shall be investigated.

This thesis starts with a literature research, especially concerning I/Q mismatch and MIMO-OFDM. Afterwards, an existing MATLAB program has to be modified according to different transmitter pre-correction methods to compensate for the imbalances. A performance comparison between these algorithms in terms bit and frame error rates (BER/FER) concludes this thesis.

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