Finished studentische Arbeiten 2010

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Code Design with Density Evolution and protoype graphs Project (MSc) 12/2010 Yuanrui Zhang Carsten Bockelmann
IDM in Coded Adaptive Systems Project (MSc) 11/2010 Lixue Han Carsten Bockelmann
Multi-User Diversity vs. Link Adaptation Project (MSc) 11/2010 Yiming Sun Carsten Bockelmann
Conjugate Gradient Method for Solving the TLS calibration in MU-MISO-OFDM Systems Project (MSc) 11/2010 Lu Tao Mark Petermann
Power Allocation for Adaptive Distributed MIMO Multi-hop Systems Project (MSc) 11/2010 Fabian Monsees Yidong Lang
Distributed Source Coding in Compress-and-Forward Relaying Systems Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2010 Andree Lampe Dirk Wübben
Cooperation in OFDM-based Relaying Systems Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2010 Christian Steffens Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
Filter-and-Forward in Two-Way Relay Systems Master's thesis (MSc) 06/2010 Zhiliang Chen Dirk Wübben
Joint Optimization of Receive and Transmit Filters for MIMO-Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 05/2010 Florian Lenkeit Carsten Bockelmann
Evaluation of Speech Intelligibility and Speech Quality of Dereverberated Signals Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 03/2010 Eugen Albertin Stefan Goetze
Space Adaptation for MIMO-Systems with finite transmit alphabets Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 03/2010 Ying Wang Carsten Bockelmann
Optimal Power Routing in Relaying Networks Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 02/2010 Yun Yuan Yidong Lang
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