Simulation of a simple optical transmission system in Matlab

Tutor: Henning Paul
Type of Thesis: Projektarbeit (Dipl.)
date of end: 01/2011
Student: Nadine Nga Bomba
Status: finished

In this project, a simple optical transmission system has to be implemented in Matlab. Optical systems often use a unipodal ASK for transmission, called ''OOK" (on-off-keying) and a simple power detection. This non-coherent detection causes certain distortions if a non-ideal optical channel is applied. The student's work is to implement such a system using different models for the optical channel in Matlab.

This project starts with a literature research concerning existing techniques for optical transmission and common effects to be considered when modelling the optical channel. Then a simulation framework has to be implemented in Matlab. Using this framework, several interesting cases have to be implemented. In the end, these approaches have to be compared.

Good Matlab knowledge is required for this project.

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