Finished studentische Arbeiten 2022

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
DNN-based bandwidth estimation from level crossing samples Master's thesis (MSc) 12/2022 Johannes Königs Christopher Willuweit
Neural Network based Decoding Project (MSc) 11/2022 Gerrit Schoo Matthias Hummert
Reverse Engineering Garage door handheld transmitter with GNURadio Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.) 09/2022 Zhida Chen Niklas Bulk
Space-Time Codes for Satellite Communication Master's thesis (MSc) 08/2022 Meng Chen Maik Röper
RIS Assisted Satellite Communication Under Imperfectly Known Receiver Position Master's thesis (MSc) 08/2022 Pramesh Gautam Bho Matthiesen
Reverse Engineering Vehicle Key Fob mit GNURadio Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.) 06/2022 David Kuschel Niklas Bulk
Three 5G PHY resource grid implementations in GNU Radio and Jupyter Notebook Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 05/2022 Mark Disterhof Johannes Demel
Fayad Haddad
Hybrid Precoding and Channel Estimation using Butler Matrices Master's thesis (MSc) 05/2022 Martin Jedon Maik Röper
Signal compression using time-warping and local bandwidth Project (MSc) 05/2022 Johannes Königs Christopher Willuweit
Rate-Splitting for Satellite to Land Mobile Communication Project (MSc) 05/2022 Kameel Khoury Maik Röper
Cooperative Downlink in Multi-Satellite to Multi-User Scenario Master's thesis (MSc) 05/2022 Alea Schröder Maik Röper
Incremental Federated Learning Project (MSc) 04/2022 Pramesh Gautam Bho Matthiesen
Designing the PRACH (Physical Random-Access Channel) in 5G for LEO Satellite Communications Master's thesis (MSc) 02/2022 Hassan Ahmad Maik Röper
One-bit massive MIMO detection Project (MSc) 02/2022 Alveena Rifat Edgar Beck
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