Projects (MSc)

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Cooperative Multi-Task Semantic Communication: Digital implementation Ahmad Halimi Razlighi 06/2024 available -
Machine Learning based Baseband Processing for Non-Terrestrial Networks Tim Düe 04/2024 available -
Using Bayesian Neural Networks in Communication Systems Tim Düe 04/2024 available -
Investigating the Radiation Tolerance of Neural Networks for Communication Systems Tim Düe 04/2024 available -
Task-aware Deep Compressed Learning Mehdi Abdollahpour - available -
Reverse Engineering with GNURadio Niklas Bulk - available -
Efficient Storage Layouts for Nonconvex Optimization Procedures Bho Matthiesen - available -
Research and Development with OpenAirInterface 5G Fayad Haddad - available -
Federated Learning for Satellite Constellations Bho Matthiesen
Nasrin Razmi
- available -
Cooperative Semantic Communication: Multi-Task, Multi-User Network Ahmad Halimi Razlighi 06/2024 in progress Sakib Absar
Adaptive Beamforming for Downlink LEO Satellite Communications Alea Schröder 05/2024 in progress David Kuschel
Dynamic Resource Allocation for 6G Network of Networks Pramesh Gautam 11/2023 in progress Uderagudi Shelciya Ruth
Dynamic Power control for In-X Subnetworks Pramesh Gautam 11/2023 in progress Md Riad Hossain Bhuiyan
OTFS for Satellite Communication Maik Röper
Alea Schröder
11/2023 in progress Avinash Kankari
3D Wireless Network Channel and Interference Estimation by ML MohammadAmin Vakilifard 10/2023 in progress Louis Lagona
Satellite Precoding through Reinforcement Learning Steffen Gracla
Alea Schröder
08/2023 in progress Cedric Sündermann
Development and characterization of a multi-level-crossing event detector Christopher Willuweit
Johannes Königs
08/2023 in progress Lennart Hinz
Machine Learning based Decoding using Transformer Networks Matthias Hummert 06/2023 in progress Julian Sündermann
Position-Labeled Channel Impulse Responses Dataset for Radio Localization via Ray Tracing in Autonomous Driving Scenarios Mohammad Razzaghpour 05/2023 in progress Sai Gopinath Vadlamudi
Empirical performance evaluation of 5G campus network Mohammad Razzaghpour 05/2023 in progress Joshua-Jakob Armschat
Deep learning based channel estimation Lingrui Zhu 11/2022 in progress Muhammad Umair
Channel Estimation using Generative Adversarial Networks and Machine Learning Matthias Hummert 12/2020 in progress Ariel Theophane Dzoanda Watat
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