Towards Massive Connectivity Support for Scalable mMTC Communications in 5G Networks

Authors: C. Bockelmann, N. Pratas, G. Wunder, S. Saur, M. Navarro, D. Gregoratti, G. Vivier, E. de Carvalho, Y. Ji, Č. Stefanović, P. Popovski, Q. Wang, M. Schellmann, E. Kosmatos, P. Demestichas, M. Raceala-Motoc, P. Jung, S. Stanczak, A. Dekorsy

The fifth generation of cellular communication systems is foreseen to enable a multitude of new applications and use cases with very different requirements. A new 5G multi-service air interface needs to enhance broadband performance as well as provide new levels of reliability, latency, and supported number of users. In this paper, we focus on the massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) service within a multi-service air interface. Specifically, we present an overview of different physical and medium access techniques to address the problem of a massive number of access attempts in mMTC and discuss the protocol performance of these solutions in a common evaluation framework.

Document type: Journal Paper
Publication: IEEE, May 2018
Journal: IEEE Access
Pages: 28969-28992
Volume: 6
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