Combating Near Far Effects of linear MMSE Multiuser Detection in coded OFDM-CDMA

Authors: M. Feuersänger, V. Kühn
Abstract: This paper deals with near far effects encountered in MMSE linear multiuser detection and proposes a method to mitigate the transmit-power dependent user-specific bit error rates by introducing an additional postprocessing by a combination of nonlinear parallel and successive interference cancellation. Throughout the paper we consider a quasisynchronous (i.e. asynchronous with coarse synchronization at the receiver) OFDM-CDMA uplink transmission as well as perfectly known channel impulse responses.
Document type: Conference Paper
Publication: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, 26. - 28. September 2001
Conference: Third International Workshop on Multi-Carrier Spread-Spectrum & Related Topics (MCSS 01)
Index: 166
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