Distributed Low-Density-Parity-Check-Codes in Relay-Networks

Tutor: Dirk Wübben, Petra Weitkemper
Type of Thesis: Master's thesis (MSc)
date of end: 11/2009
Student: Wu Meng
Status: finished

Recently relaying schemes, where beside a source and a sink also additional terminals are incorporated into the communication, have gained considerable interest in order to guaranty robust and reliable communication also in the border area of the cells.a specific aspect of relay networks is given by distributed channel coding, where e.g. the components of a turbo code are distributed over the source and the relays. At the destination a joint decoding of the entire code is performed. Another promising class of codes is given by low-density-parity-check codes (LDPC). They arecharacterized by a sparse parity check matrix andachieve error rates close to the theoretical limit. These codes have to be implemented in a relay network by seperating the generator matrix in two or more parts in order to distribute the code over the network.

In this project available LDPC codes should be implemented in a relay system. The performance of this approach should be verified by simulations with Matlab.

In order to process this thesis, the lecture Channel Coding and a basic knowledge in Matlab is essential. 

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