A Turbo-Like Iterative Decoding Algorithm for Network Coded HARQ

Autoren: Y. Lang, D. Wübben, A. Dekorsy, V. Braun, U. Doetsch

This paper proposes a turbo-like decoding algorithm for network coded HARQ (NC-HARQ) retransmission scheme. Instead of retransmission erroneous packets individually, we send a network coded packet formed by XOR of two incorrectly received packets in the NC-HARQ retransmission. With respect to the two initial packets and one network coded packet, this retransmission scheme can be viewed as a product code based on the Turbo coding principle. We develop an iterative decoding algorithm for the proposed NC-HARQ scheme. The algorithm uses the log-likelihood ratios generated by decoding any two packets to calculate an priori information for the third one. This approach is applicable for both Chase Combing (CC) and Incremental Redundancy (IR). Furthermore, a link adaptation algorithm is investigated for the proposed network coded HARQ scheme. LTE link-level simulations confirm the throughput enhancement by the proposed scheme compared to common HARQ transmission.

Dokumenttyp: Konferenzbeitrag
Veröffentlichung: Munich, Deutschland, 21. - 24. Januar 2013
Konferenz: 9th International ITG Conference on Systems, Communications and Coding (SCC 2013)
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