Learning based Enhancement of Outer Loop Link Adaptation

Betreuer: Lingrui Zhu
Art der Arbeit: Masterarbeit (MSc)
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Modern wireless systems require strict key performance indicators (KPIs), such as very high reliability and throughput. Link adaptation (LA) is a core technology used to achieve these targets, with outer loop link adaptation (OLLA) being the most commonly used algorithm due to its feasibility and simplicity. OLLA uses a term called backoff factor to correct the signal to interference and noise ratio (SINR) estimate mapped from channel state information (CSI) to obtain an effective SINR. Based on the effective SINR, modulation and coding scheme (MCS) will be selected. In this project or thesis, you need using learning method to imporve the performance of OLLA. 


You need have good understanding on the lecture of Advanced Channel Coding, Wireless Communications Technologies, Communication Technologies and can use Python to programm.

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